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honestly, you’re much more interesting than that

Your wedding isn’t a photoshoot for Vogue

We aren’t here to stir up the PTSD of school photos with stiff poses. Or to get into uncomfortable positions to replicate some models on the internet. There’s no story in that.

In those wild, absurd, and perfectly normal moments you two can’t help but have — beautiful imagery emerges. When you're running around like weirdos, laughing until it physically hurts, and talking in weird accents you usually reserve for home. 

And it’s okay if you don’t believe me! Call yourself too awkward or whatever. That’s fine. I’m psyched to prove you wrong. 


- Wedding day coverage
- Complimentary engagement or day after session
- Planning assistance
- Badass images safely stored in an online gallery 
- Travel up to 2 hours from York, PA

Weddings starting at — $4,300

“For two people who are genuinely awkward individuals, Rachel knew exactly how to capture the best moments!”

– Wyatt F.


You two weirdo love birds have known from the jump that a traditional wedding wasn’t your style. Despite your family telling you to do things one way and the rising popularity of hardcore adventure elopements on the internet telling you another way – there is truly only one right way to get married. Your way. 

Keep it simple or make it epic on your terms. Where are we headed? Are we talking about a 3 or baker's dozen underwear kinda trip? Who am I kidding, I’ll be overpacking either way. 


- Elopement day coverage
- Planning assistance
- Badass images safely stored in an online gallery 
- All travel expenses (consider me Amazon Prime, I ship for free)

Elopements starting at — $5,300



Imperfect – Vibey – Nostalgic 

Your wedding day on film 

In seconds my snazzy digital camera can rattle off dozens of photos, while its old school homie, the film camera, is s-l-o-w. With film you’ve got one shot. Whether that photo is sweet with stillness or blurry with love in motion it will hold the essence of that second in its entirety. Be prepared for those photos to live rent free in your head forever. 

You’re fucking married — shotgun a beer, make-out, and shake your ass! I’ll be dancing alongside you while photographing every morsel of feeling and detail. 


03. A                              time

**Brought to you by zero automations, perfectionist tendencies, and caring too much**

Catch me cheesing hard while editing your photos. Sneaks within 48 hrs and full gallery in 8-12 weeks. 

04. Photo 

Within 24 hours we’ll have a meeting in the books to talk dreams, check our vibe compatibility, and make a game plan. Whenever you’re ready we’ll take care of business with a proposal, contract, and retainer.  

01.                       & contract

Ideas, questionnaires, timelines, tips & tricks. Let’s make planning fun, the way it should be. We’ll even have a cutesy, funky, frisky engagement session to shake out any pre-wedding jitters. OR we can dream up a day-after session to document the happiness hangover from your wedding day.

02.                                           sesh


good ass



Let’s rock & roll →

“Rachel was able to put us both at ease through our nervousness and directed us through some fun exercises that produced BEAUTIFUL images that far exceeded my expectations. The depth and moodiness in her imagery has such a romantic timeless feel I'm just obsessed with. I keep saying it but I will honestly cherish the session she did for us for a lifetime.”

– Caylin & Dustin

What are you dreaming? Your photography wish is my command!

creative juices 

- Midnight ceremony under the full moon or fairy themed reception picnic?

Let’s get the weird,                                 flowing

No shooting-star wishes or lamp-rubbing necessary

 just inquire →

- Iconic courthouse ceremony or whimsical backyard elopement?

- Post-nuptial motorcycle joyride or poppin bottles in a hot air balloon?

- Jamming out while getting ready together or spicy just-married boudoir shoot?