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(C’mon it’s WAY more fun)

You already know that though. Everyone who meets you knows a connection like yours could never fit into the mold of supposed to’s and have to’s and expectations of a traditional wedding. 

So… do you. Wear the pink wedding dress, walk down the aisle together, go in for the ass grab after “I do”, or honor your love beneath the full moon. Do whatever makes your heart dance. That feeling is all that matters on your wedding day and it’s exactly what you’ll want to remember whenever you so much as glance at your photos. 
Let’s create something brand stinkin’ new out of your lifelong subscription to each other. 

Ready to unsubscribe from what everyone else is doing?

“GIRL WHAT!! These are seriously more than I could’ve hoped for, I’m speechless. You absolutely killed it, I’m so in love. My camera roll was not ready for this.” 

– Rachel F. 

Meet me and my RBF
Resting bitch face

From one emotional creature to another, I know you’re really going through it right now with wedding planning. Energy is high. Things are stressful. You're up to your eyeballs in decisions trying to “do the right thing” and make everyone happy. I know your heart is in the right place. As hard as it is, let go of all of that…

And take my hand. 

We’re gonna ditch those worries and head to a place of total freedom. Where the chemistry, laughter, and champagne is flowing. Where you can follow the impulse to drop trou and moon the camera, give your bestie a fat kiss on the cheek, and eat cake with your hands. Where you can feel at peace and empowered to do whatever the heck you want.

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Same, girl.
I live for this shit.


– Caylin V.

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photos that truly reflect who you are?

i love that for you.

Do whatever the hell you want

So here’s the plan for your wedding: 

Have love be the center of attention for the day. Trade caterers for food trucks. Plan the weekday wedding. Offer tattoos to your guests as wedding favors. Skip the whole wedding thing altogether and elope! Do what feels right.

Whatever you decide, I’ll be right with you lovesick fools — brainstorming, telling inappropriate jokes, and full-on ugly-crying during the vows. We’re going to make some memories together that you want to come back to forever.

Okay, now that we’ve got a plan in place

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“Rachel - amazing. Atmosphere – perfect. Poses – easy. Photos – emotional. Use Rachel, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Lizzi Z.

You have that can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other kinda love

Lean into it baby, get handsy af

Maybe you’re not getting married, but you want to immortalize this season. Maybe you want photos of you in your first ever home together before moving on. Or you want to savor the smile lines you have now, before adding new ones. Or you want to remember what a hot 30 year old you were when you’re a hot 90 year old. Or - or - or you simply want these photos for the hell of it. That’s as good of a reason as any and what these couples sessions are for!

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Be you. UNLESS you are a: homophobe, transphobe, racist, ableist, xenophobe, or patriarchal asshole. In that case, sincerely GTFO.
Xoxo, Rach

Some of the aforementioned rad humans that have my heart


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“I'm going to need 7-10 business days to properly recover from these! They are so beautiful!”
– Kali H.

"Rachel made us feel so comfortable. She told stories and played music during our shoot. She's been a gem to work with behind the scenes as well. She's so quick with responses and got our gallery back to us quickly. We had so much fun with her!"
- Rachel F.

"Rachel has an incredible way of capturing the magical essence of her clients! She communicates beautifully, is flexible, and very timely. You'll never regret using her." - Dawn K.

"OMG. The final results were incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful."
- Ciara W.

"I am obsessed with every single one of our pictures."
- Tasha F.

"Rachel effortlessly captured our love. Hands down some of my very favorite photos of my husband and I."
- Brooke W.

You could say I’m like reallyyy into this whole photography thing

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