We’re here because —
Your love is electric.
Your connection is effortless.
And, together, you are a

whole ass vibe. 

That shit deserves to be documented. 
I’m the one holding the camera, 
witnessing it in action, and giving you 
the proof of just how unreal you two look. 

For real, it’s WILD that this is my job. 



2 ducks, countless chickens, 3 fur babies, & 2 human girls

wife OF

An incredible, badass Army Veteran


Post Malone, manifestation, sushi, Halloween, & tattoo collecting

Just a heads up if you’re lactose intolerant, it’s about to get cheesy

Encouraging you, inspires me

When you create a day that speaks to your soul you can expect nothing short of overwhelming bliss and the crazy high of being in love. That kind of happiness transforms photos into works of art. Photos that leave you aching with nostalgia and vibrantly color in the gaps of your memory. And those same photos will leave complete strangers awe-stricken, because they’ve never seen a love like yours. 

It’s damn near unbelievable that we can come together to create magic like that.


I wish the memories surrounding my wedding weren't rooted in compromise and unease. I wish I had spent more of my day in the arms of my partner. I wish I had laughed more. I wish we had allies to help us worry less about what was next on the schedule and focus more on the moments in front of us. I wish that when I look at my wedding pictures, they were full of people who actually mean something to me. 

I wish, I wish, I wish… that you won’t sacrifice your uniqueness for other people’s comfort. That you don’t humor traditional wedding values that give you the ick. And that you make your wedding day wholly yours, so you never catch yourself wishing for different memories like me. 

And you can bet your ass that regardless of what anyone else says, thinks, or feels — I will be cheering on your happiness every step of the way (don’t count on pom-poms, just a shit ton of spirit). From the first steps of planning to the ones you take down the aisle, babe. 

**insert dramatic slow clap turned thunderous applause**

I wish I had eloped

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